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Courses so good your drivers will ask for more. Tracking so detailed you can see every response to every question on every test. No wonder our system is trusted by movers and shakers across the country.


Comprehensive, but not complicated. Understandable, but not patronizing. Our courses provide an interactive online experience that's equally effective for all learning styles and backgrounds.

Currently available titles include...

Full Courses

  • Defensive Driving - Tractor-trailer
  • Defensive Driving - Straight truck
  • Winter Driving
  • HOS & Logbooks (US)
  • HOS & Logbooks (Canada & US)
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Cargo Van
    (Produced with Techni-Com)
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Flatbed
    (Produced with Techni-Com)
  • CSA For Drivers
  • Fire Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Overview
  • Drug and Alcohol: Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Refresher Courses

  • Defensive Driving - Basics
  • Defensive Driving - Turns & Curves
  • Defensive Driving - Speed & Space
  • Defensive Driving - Backing Up
  • Defensive Driving - Intersections
  • Defensive Driving - Lane Changes
  • Defensive Driving - Adverse Conditions
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Basics
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Cargo Van Strategies
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Blocking & Tiedowns
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Inspections
  • HOS & Logbooks - Logging Your Duty Period (US)
  • HOS & Logbooks - Logging Your Duty Period (Canada & US)
  • HOS & Logbooks - Sleeper Berth and Other Exceptions (US)
  • HOS & Logbooks - Sleeper Berth and Other Exceptions (Canada & US)
  • HOS & Logbooks - Hours of Service 2013 Update
  • The Road to Wellness - Recognizing and Preventing Fatigue
  • The Road to Wellness - Improving Diet & Exercise
    (coming soon)
  • The Road to Wellness - Preventing Injury & Illness
    (coming soon)

Standalone Knowledge Tests

  • Defensive Driving
  • Winter Driving
  • HOS & Logbooks (US)
  • HOS & Logbooks (US & Canada)
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Cargo Van
  • Practical Cargo Securement - Flatbed
  • CSA for Drivers
  • Fire Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Overview
  • Drug and Alcohol: Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Recognizing & Preventing Fatigue

Certificates & Reporting

Simple, powerful tools for managing user accounts, assigning courses, and reporting on progress. Print certificates, run reports, track compliance, and analyze trends by terminal, manager, or individual driver.


Login from your desktop, mobile device, or even through the satellite to take courses, add users, or run reports. We're with you all the way.


Monthly subscription pricing gives you unlimited use for a fixed rate. Month-to-month terms mean you're not locked in to long term contracts. Free manager and administrator accounts make the deal even better.

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With more than 300 fleets incorporating CarriersEdge into their driver training programs, there are lots of great stories to tell. The CarriersEdge Community site is where we collect and share those stories, along with tips and tricks to help you make the most of online training in your own fleet.

If you're looking for info to help you make a business case for moving online, the community site has it. If you're interested webinars discussing best practices in driver training, we've got that as well. Answers to common questions, product news and updates - you name it, we've got it.

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We think truck drivers should have access to great training, without having to sacrifice their weekends.

We believe that technology can help solve some of the problems that trucking faces, and that providing the tools, information, and motivation people need will result in more successful fleets and a thriving industry.

In 2005, when we first came into trucking, we saw an industry that had a lot of training needs, and few good options for meeting those needs. CarriersEdge was created to help get more training to drivers, and to do so without disrupting the rest of the business.

Since that time we've also launched Best Fleets to Drive For - an annual survey and contest that recognizes the best employers in the North American trucking industry - and helped several industry association partners run a variety of driver and trainer certification programs. Through it all, we've maintained a consistent focus on providing the tools to help fleets improve the quality of their drivers and build stronger businesses as a result.